Blog Action Day 2008 – Join us today

I really hope this will change the conversation. Alter the way people think and react. Change the world to a better place. I hope!

Unfortunately, I think this day will just pass by like any other day. People care about themselves, and in a time of financial crisis, even more so. But let’s all prove me wrong.

Poverty in Norway
The world’s richest country must be a place where poverty is long gone. WRONG! Norwegian development policy is based on the fundamental principle that all people are equal in human dignity. It’s a good policy, if it were true.

In Norway today more than 500.000 people live under the universally accepted poverty level. Let me remind you that there’s only 4,7 million people living in Norway. Every senior citizen on a minimum pension are considered poor according to EU standards. 30.000 children struggle every day.

The problem in a rich society as Norway is that it’s not socially accepted or recognized as a problem. It’s a tabu. Let’s use this day to raise that awareness again. In Norway all the tax return lists are made public today, making the difference between poor and rich even more visible.

Good luck all, and we really hope a lot of bloggers join this quest for change.

Some Norwegian bloggers have already participated. Så vare det sagt…, Lailas blogg, Junkfoodjunkie, Colt PR,,


3 Responses to Blog Action Day 2008 – Join us today

  1. […] er udbredt. Som Marius Eriksen skriver, så er Norge det rigeste land i verden. Alligevel lever 500.000 nordmænd ud af 4,7 millioner under EU’s fattigdomsgrænse! Og i Danmark er situationen garanteret heller ikke så rosenrød, som vi går og bilder os selv […]

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  3. Anton Lutzi sier:

    How do I start a blog with payment options for readers?

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